Stubbornly follow your Star!

I carried a star from California to New Hampshire in order to take a perfect picture of it in the snow.

This star is a page from the Christmas Revels program booklet and it has my name hidden inside of it.

Christina Zola, one of the members of the Washington Revels made the star for me after my performance at last years’ Christmas Revels in Washington D.C.

I had told her how my dad would sometimes get frustrated with me for “Stubbornly following your Star.” Following your star is not easy and he wished for a life with more security for his daughter. However, at the end of his life the tone of his voice changed, and he said those words again, but this time with admiration.

I have kept this star close to me all year to remind me to hold on to my dreams.IMG_0352

When the Revels North invited me to perform at the  Nordic Christmas Revels in New Hampshire, I just had to take Christina’s star with me.

And as I was singing the songs of my ancestors, I felt a warm embrace of a community who understood…who told me that my songs matter and my stories are worth listening. That it was well worth it to Stubbornly Follow My Star!

Happy New Year to my Revels friends in Hanover and Washington D.C. Thank you for an amazing experience!

A perfect picture at the home of Christina Zola.

She wrote to me: “These are your sister stars in Virginia. They have the names of my stage family wrapped inside them.”

  1. I am so glad your small star had had an adventure! We listen to your music often and think of you with gladness. When will you come record with Charlie??

    • Thank you Christina, I so appreciate the star you made for me!

      I have recorded a few songs which will be posted on my YouTube channel soon. Not sure yet when I will have a chance to record a full album.

  2. Merja, thank you for sharing your magic with us. We “worked” together backstage– I got you on stage on time, then you blew the audience away with your beautiful voice and presence.

    • I think we were a great team!
      Thank you for getting me on stage on time 🙂

      Have fun at the cast party, I miss you all!


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