Sing the song of Kantele!

Kantele is a traditional Finnish lap harp that belongs to the zither family. It is also the national instrument of Finland.

There are kanteles of many sizes: 5-string, 10-string, all the way up to the 36-string concert kantele.

My favorite instrument is the 5-string kantele. It is a very soulful and humble instrument. It teaches you to quiet your mind and allow the kantele to sing its stories-stories of hard winters and beautiful summer nights, stories of a resilient northern nation who fought hard for its independence.

I am a first generation Finnish immigrant now living in the US and for me, kantele and Finnish music are the bridge that connects the two distant worlds.

When I close my eyes and let my fingers move across the strings of the kantele, I remember – I remember the Finnish spirit that is in me. The spirit that says keep going and never give up. Sing the song of life through all the difficulties. Sing the song of kantele!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely instrument.


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