Poem – Pajupilli (Willow Whistle)

Pajupilli (Willow Whistle) 

I am no flag bearer

no eagle-hearted pathfinder

on your journey to the land of the morning.

I am a willow by the stream

through which the winds blow

from which the worlds rebellious spirit

breaks off a simple whistle

to play its tune

in which there is storm, pain, love

and a little bit of the new dawn. 

Katri Vala, a Finnish poet (translation by Merja Soria)

  1. Do you happen to sing this amazing poem as a song as well?

    • I do not but here is the Willow Whistle for you in Finnish, I sometimes recite this in my performances.


      En ole lipunkantaja,
      en kotkansydäminen tiennäyttäjä
      matkallanne aamun maahan.
      Olen virran partaalla paju,
      jonka lävitse tuulet puhaltavat,
      josta maailman kapinallinen henki
      taittaa yksinkertaisen pillin
      soittaaksensa sävelmän,
      jossa on myrskyä, tuskaa, rakkautta
      ja hiukan aamunsarastusta

      Katri Vala


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